Thursday, 17 January 2013

Ranchi's Chapter concludes at ILCC

The International Travelling Uranium Film Festival arrived to the final destination of the Ranchi Chapter- ILCC (International Library and Cultural Centre) on the third and final day of the three day event. The festival started around 11 a.m. in the library. The dignitaries like Festival director Mr. Norbert, his wife Ms. Marcia, Indian coordinator Mr. Shri Prakash, eminent film maker Mr. Meghnath , Mrs. Mahua Manjhi and Mr. Rituraj Sapkota, Asst. Director at Lievens Film Academy were present on the occasion.  The whole event was moderated by Ms. Rekha, the trustee of ILCC.
 In the first slot two short movies were shown. They were Toxic Neglect (9 mins.), a film made on Jadugoda mines by Indian Director Ms. Moushumi Basu. The second film screened before the audience was Uranium Thirst whose running time is 27 mins. The directors of this film are the directors of this Film Festival- Mr. Norbert G. Shuchanek and his better half Ms. Marcia. The screening of these films was followed by a panel discussion in which eminent personalities from different fields shared their version on the subject. The speakers were- Dr. Ramesh Sharan, eminent economist in today’s time and professor of Economics in Ranchi University, Mr. Meghnath, famous film maker from Jharkhand, Ms. Dayamani Barla, social activist and tribal journalist, Mr. Shishir Soren, an activist from Chapri village, East Singhbhum, and lastly Mr. Dumka Murmu , secretary of JOAR  (Jharkhandi Organization Against Radiation). They all touched the crux of the topic and enlightened the public with their ideas, suggestions and views.
 In his speech Dr. Sharan revealed the reality pertaining to the uranium mining in India. He said that if anybody protests against uranium extraction they are labeled anti- development and anti -national. Mr. Meghnath stressed on the matter that cinema is not only meant for entertainment and the film makers should become audacious and responsible to present issues that affects the people at large. He also raised the question why we need Uranium for generating electricity and other energy. Why we can’t rely on alternative options like Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Gobar Gas and Micro Hydel Energy.  He criticized the government who says they are against wars but wants to use uranium peacefully asking at the cost of people how can one utilize uranium in a peaceful manner?
However the speaker who stole the show was Mr. Dumka Murmu, President of JOAR who honestly spoke about the plight and atrocities of his people suffering since ages from the terror of Uranium Mining and its radiation. He said that no one listens to and looks at the sufferings and grief of poor however the whole country shakes when a girl from Delhi gets raped by few insane beings.
  Ms. Dayamani Barla said in her speech that she is not against the development and setting up of Institutions like IIM and Law College; however the development should not be at the cost of the local people. After the experts, the house was open to the general public to come on dais and put forth their views and thoughts on the subject. The final day saw good response from the Ranchiites as a good no. of people turned up for it.
 In the second and third slot films like The Secret and the Sacred, Two World at Los Alamos (52 mins.), Australian Atomic Confessions( 49 mins.), The Third Nuclear Bomb, After the Day After, and the most prolific film ‘The Red Button’ were screened before the public.
Mr. Shri Prakash heartily thanked the following people for lending their helping hands in making the endeavour success in Ranchi- Mr. Vikash, Ms. Swati Verma Mr. Pawan Kumar, and Mr. Rajiv Ranjan all three from CUJ, Mr. Ashish Beruli (Jadugoda), Mr. Bidit Roy from BIT Mesra, Mr. Rajiv Ranjan of SPIC MACAY and Mr. Tapan,  Mr.Aashish ,Mr. Anish,  Mr.Vidyacharan and Ms. Bani from RIMS.
The festival’s next stop is Hyderabad.

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